“We received this pillow as a gift for my daughter this Christmas and she adores it! My daughter is 19 months old and other than her blanket she never asks for anything else when we put her down for bed at night but she’s been asking me to leave this pillow in her crib with her- this is before I even put the batteries in! She loves it when the pillow twinkles as she unwinds for bedtime and we are glad the pillow makes the bedtime routine even more fun and easier. Love it & would highly recommend it!”

  • Betty R, San Francisco CA

Zorianna Kit ‏@Zoriannakit Apr 13
@juzt4kidz My daughter loves them, thank-you!

“The first time she saw it and played with it she said ‘mommy….this is a magical pillow.’ LOL and we have a REALLY hard time getting her to stay in bed each night. its at least an hour of back and forth. BUT since your pillow has arrived she literally never comes out of bed AND goes to bed!!! She says ‘if I have my ducky friend I can sleep better’ thought you would like to know! LIFESAVER.”

  • Jen C, Phoenix AZ

“Our children love their new Melody Mates! Thank you for bringing this joy into their lives!”

Regan G, Birmingham AL

“Our girls fell in love with their new Melody Mates. As my daughter said, “it is my favorite animal in my whole, entire bed”! Thank you for bringing these into our families lives.”

Regan G, Birmingham AL

“Here is our little buddy Lincoln with his favorite cow pillow only two weeks old”

“14 months later and still loves his pillow. Thank you!”

Karen L. TX

“I wanted to say thank you again for connecting with Toys AuCross America my daughter Kalia loves her pillow an blanket an said it was the best day ever.”

Shay T, Minneapolis MN

“Told her was time for bed.. took 30mins and she was out.. this #melodymate duck pillow is amazing.. I think the lights n music helped soothe her body to sleep.. Thank you so much Melody Mates!”

Mellisa Sue H, Englewood FL.

“We received our Melody Mates today. My granddaughter loves it. She has already informed us she will be sleeping with it tonight. She will sleep in her own bed now !! Thank you again”

Martha W. Sacramento CA

“Love these pillows !! My kids love animals and then also love the lights. You have put both together a unique gift for those that would need / use them the most . Thank you for creating these wonderful pillow!”

Anthony D, San Jose CA.

“These “Magic” pillows has become Tiffany’s best friend. She eats with it, sleeps with it, and it even helps during diaper changes. Thank you Melody Mates!”

Tracy E. Pacifica CA