We at Melody Mates ™ believe in the power of giving back.  It is a part of our culture as we want to make the world a happier place for all children! 

Melody Mates has partnered with KultureCity, an organization who works with Autistic Children and their families.   We support their lifesaving LifeBOKS program which prevents wandering for children with autism.   For more information on KultureCity and LifeBoks please visit their website at www.kultureCity.org. You also can participate in our “Buy two, Give one program” .  Through this program, we will send out the second pillow on behalf of your family to a KultureCity family to bring joy into their child’ life.                            

We at Melody Mates ™ wish every child to sleep peacefully at night but also put children’s safety as a priority. We need to educate and lead by example to our young generation that giving back to the community and kids in need is the right thing to do! As long as Juzt 4 Kidz/ Melody Mates ™ is in business, helping kids will always remain a cornerstone for us!