Melody Mates

Nightly bedtime battles and dark-room distress are no more with Melody Mates™. The sweet, slumber-inducing cushion comes with a washable soft pillow and detachable blanket that’ll entice even the most anxious of sleepers to lie down and snuggle up with their plushy pal. Melodious lullabies comfort and soothe, while LED lights glow ever so gently to evoke the starry skies and send your sweet little ones into dreamland.

We have been selling nursery pillows for years. Our products are popluar for babies. Many moms asked us to add more nursery products for them. We were considering this and now it is a start. We just built a relationship with HappyDecal nursery wall decals company, which designs and makes wall stickers for more than 10 years. They can make tree wall stickers, animal designs stickers, flower stickers, airplane wall stickers decals, quotes decals and many more. We will sell these product now and to test how it is going.

We also have just made our own stickers design. However, we have no machine to print the stickers. We checked the market and found one good company which can print the customised stickers for us. This company is called Bold stickers. The printing speed is fast and the quality of the stickers is really good.